For over forty years Genuine Dura-Stilts® have remained the world wide, undisputed choice of professional stilt users.

Since the early sixties, the innovative key features pioneered and patented by Dura-Stilts established them as the industry leader of articulating leg extension devices (stilts). Dura-Stilts comfort, strength to weight ratio and reliability set new stilt standards which changed the construction industry’s perception of stilts from a novelty to a legitimate industrial tool.

Beware of Imitations Originating from China and Mexico

Once older patents began to expire, several marketers began importing numerous imitations of Genuine Dura-Stilts from China and Mexico under a variety of names. These imitations are usually touted as “the same as Genuine Dura-Stilts”, causing trusting buyer to become guinea pigs for unproven look-a-like stilts.

In addition, some suppliers have opted to carry the imitation imports for reasons of greater profit margins and are telling their customers Dura-Stilts are only available by special order. If you are a Dura-Stilts customer and have experienced difficulty in obtaining Dura-Stilts because your local dealer no longer stocks them, please feel free to contact us direct for your Dura-Stilts and parts needs.

Dura-Stilts are available in three options:

Only Dura-Stilts Pioneered Innovative Features Such As:

  • Dual Action Springs
    Upper and lower action springs along with their tension adjustment brought about precise control over both forward and rearward stilt walking actions, resulting in a close duplication of the user’s natural ankle movement. This new level of control brought easier balance, greater control, and less fatigue for the user. Properly adjusted, Dura-Stilts act more like an extension of the user’s natural stride and balance.
  • Replaceable Nylon Bearings and Adjustment Sleeves
    Replaceable bearing surfaces resulted in a noticeably smoother walk, smoother adjustment and dramatically extended stilt life over other brands.
  • Lock Nuts
    At all crucial pivot and connecting points for greater stilt reliability and safety.
  • Self-locking Strap Buckles
    For less slip and greater stilt safety. Dura-Stilts was also first to provide the added comfort of wider one-inch foot straps.
  • Captive Lock Washers on Wing Bolts
    Helps assure wing bolts remain tight once the user has properly tightened them for improved safety.
  • Wing Bolts Extended Smooth Shank
    Dramatically reduced adjustment hole wear of the extension tubes. Less adjustment hole wear means less wobble, greater stability and longevity.
  • Replaceable Screw-on Soles
    Greater ease in replacing worn soles to help maintain sole traction and walking comfort.